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Mt Olive PC

Worship Times:
Sunday  9:30 am
Sunday Church School  10:45 am

Interim Pastor:
Rev. Tom Holden


From Our Church


People consider many things when visiting churches.

  • Worship

  • The teaching.

  • The music.

  • Age groups.

  • Families. Singles.

And those seeking opportunities to serve. What you may be seeking could be dramatically different from the next person - or it could be exactly the same.

With open doors and open hearts Our congregation covers many generations, among which are people of every stage of faith. We welcome those seeking God and His truths, regardless of questions, baggage, or plain old life experiences.

Whatever you're looking for... you mean something to God. As God's church, you mean something to us. You are always welcome here.


From Our Pastor

 Tom Holden is Interim Pastor.  Please stop poking me with that thing.After more than 30 years in a variety of ministry settings, Tom is prayerfully helping Mt. Olive make the transition to a fresh ministry in a new setting

"We are the church as God intended ...

...a community of believers who come together to follow the teachings of the Bible and spread the message of God's love. Along the way, we teach and share. We sing and laugh. We roll up our sleeves and get involved. And sometimes, we're quietly still in the presence of God."


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The work of the Mission Committee is to create a mission mindset for our church in everything we do.

Serve and tell the story of Jesus Christ to those outside the walls of the church.

 Matthew 28:19


A worship service is a celebration. It is a time when we come into Godís presence and praise Him. Each service is filled with music and teaching, joy and insight.

We provide many opportunities for people of all ages to experience and celebrate God and a life of faith.

This Easter, we Pray - let us travel this journey with you. Let us all stay awake while our Savior prays in the garden of Gethsemane. And let us all rejoice on His return.

So we can sing it,

and tell it, and live it.